Delphi CEO speaks at Tepper

Robert S. Miller, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Delphi Corporation, spoke to Tepper students on November 8, 2006, as part of the business school’s CEO Speaker Series.

I enjoyed Mr. Miller’s heartfelt presentation. He began with an overview of his career and ended with a brief discussion of some of the current management challenges facing Delphi. We were told that the presentation content was to be kept private so I cannot go into too many details. I was amazed at the many “crisis” situations he has confronted and has overcome. He definitely sounded like a “go to” guy when the going got tough.

I especially liked his comments on how MBA programs should teach “crisis management.” Though I haven’t lived through anything as demanding as what Mr. Miller has gone through, I can relate: I felt like I aged/matured 10 years after running a political campaign for NYC City Council. I learned a lot in those seven months… more so than I ever could have learned sitting in a cubicle 60+ hours a week. Someday soon I’ll write more on the campaign experience.

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