Shanghai: New Years Celebration

So here we are in China!!! I guess it’s finally beginning to hit me: I’m in China! I am beginning to get over the initial shock: It still seems like NYC Chinatown or Flushing, Queens, to me 😉

On New Years Eve we woke up late, had lunch, and visited the Shanghai Museum. I thought the coin collection was pretty nifty (hey, I am a Finance concentrator after all! 😉 ), the Chinese paintings and calligraphy were beautiful, and the bronze gallery was impressive.

At night we decided to go to the Bund to see the fireworks and went to The Rouge (spelling?), the hottest nightclub in Shanghai to party.

Flaming bars at La Rouge

For 300RMB we rubbed elbows with who-knows-who, (I don’t know Chinese celebrities, but there were some professional photographers taking photos of a particular couple all night long); it was a good time. The view of the river and Shanghai skyline was worth the cover charge and the cool nighttime temperatures.

It was a late night. The next day, before checking out of the hotel, I saw CNN’s coverage of NYC’s Time Square celebration. I felt a bit homesick as I watched the ball drop from 7000 miles away, but I will be back soon enough…

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