Beijing: Smog and other issues

Just a quick note about China. The smog is pretty bad here. Plus, I found it amazing/cool to see people use bamboo for scaffolding! Anyway, just a random, “I can’t believe it” type of post.

Summer Palace in the afternoon

Yes, it is actually daytime in this photo overlooking the Summer Palace (shot from the frozen lake). The sun is a barely warm golden ball in the sky. I was tempted to photoshop some blue sky in my photos, but there simply isn’t any blue sky in Beijing. Just gray haze. I wonder if this is what Pittsburgh was like in the 1950’s. Nowadays, the air is actually clean in Pittsburgh. I can’t say the same for Beijing. It’s definitely as bad as, if not worse than Mexico City.

Bamboo as scaffolding

Yes, they are using bamboo as scaffolding on this high rise building (aka skyscraper). Amazing. I saw some scaffolding on buildings as high as 20 stories, though I was told they bamboo on buildings even higher than that. I guess the price of metal is too high after all. Pretty cool stuff. I wonder if OSHA would permit that in the U.S.

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