Back from a fun summer in NYC

Clearly I’ve been neglecting my own blog. No posts since May 14??? Well, it’s not like many (if any) people are actually reading this thing, so I don’t feel so guilty.
Moving right along, it is good to be back in Pittsburgh for my second year of business school at CMU. Really, it is! I don’t know why people don’t believe me when I say that. It’s so nice here in the fall/spring. Not so nice during the winter, but then again, I don’t think anywhere in the Northeast is “nice” during the winter.

PNC Park

The three rivers around Pittsburgh are cool. I need to get a picture from Mount Washington overlooking the city. It reminds me of Boston/Cambridge area. Can you see the crews (rowing in the 8-person shells) in the background? They are there somewhere.

Summer internship was great. Was working at a management consulting firm (pick one). It was great to be in NY too, except for the steampipe explosion that happened near our building. The press coverage didn’t do it justice. It was a serious explosion that shattered windows as high as 30 stories and shutdown the neighborhood for several weeks.

NYC Steampipe explosion

The steampipe explosion was definitely “not cool.” I and rest of the people in my building thought the building was falling down because of the strong rumbling. Felt like an earthquake or something, but it was only another day in NYC.

So, two things I miss about NYC alot: good sushi and good korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ

This Korean BBQ (surf and turf: seafood and short ribs) from K-town in Manhattan was excellent at 3am after HBO Latino Film Festival afterparty. Just what the doctor ordered.

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