Mini 3 – which classes to take?

Hmm, not sure what classes to take in mini 3, (first half of spring semester). I am registered for six classes, definitely on the “more-than-average amount of coursework” side of the workload spectrum. Corporate Financial Reporting, Corporate Restructuring, Interpersonal Negotiations, B2B Marketing, Brand Strategy, and finally, Developing Star Performers. All interesting classes, and unfortunately, none of them will be offered again before I graduate in May. I need to take a few marketing electives before I graduate, and I definitely want to keep working on my accounting and financial analysis before I graduate, so must keep the finance classes too. No way I’m dropping interpersonal negotiations, and the last class is a new relatively class based on cutting-edge research findings. I guess I still have a week to decide which to keep/drop and/or take pass/fail…

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