From Google's blog: Moms Give Up High Heeled Shoes and Lipstick For Search

Interesting article on Google’s CPG blog about how mothers increasingly rely on search, suggesting how CPG companies should rethink their ad search campaign spend to take advantage of this trend.  Key takeaways from a recent study include:

  • Mothers conduct nearly twice as many searches as non-mothers: the study showed that before becoming a Mother, participants averaged 11 searches per week — while Mothers averaged 21 searches per week
  • 3 out of 4 Moms believe that they have become better at searching versus a year ago
  • Moms use search engines throughout their purchase decision making process
  • Moms most often delegate activities like finding recipes, reviews of products/services and finding coupons/deal to search engines

Read more at: Official Google CPG Blog: Moms Give Up High Heeled Shoes and Lipstick For Search.

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