Tepper Soccer Club reaches semi-finals at Yale MBA Tournament

This past weekend was the culmination of several weekends of pickup soccer games at CMU. Tepper fielded a soccer team for the annual Yale MBA Soccer Tournament. We packed our bags and headed out Friday morning to Yale. After 9 hrs on the road, we finally reached New Haven and settled down at the hotel. After prepping for the game over a few beers at the local soccer pub, we woke up early to a beautiful morning and headed to the fields.

Yale Cup Competitors

Also competing were HBS, the Kennedy School, Yale SOM, Yale Alumni, UNC, Simon (University of Rochester), Wharton and Columbia Business School. Divided into three fields, the “playoffs” were intense and we won two out of three games, beating Yale and UNC and losing in a close game to HBS. We won our quarter-finals match against the Kennedy School and faced Yale Alumni team in the semis. We were head to head against Yale, tied the game and lost in penalty kicks. Yale went ahead to the finals, tied with MIT and won again in penalty kicks.

Tepper Soccer Club

Overall it was great to go out and have fun on the field. We did very well given our class size is a fraction of these larger schools yet were able to field a complete team. Now we have our sights on competing at Dartmouth in the spring and are looking for corporate sponsors.

Back from a fun summer in NYC

Clearly I’ve been neglecting my own blog. No posts since May 14??? Well, it’s not like many (if any) people are actually reading this thing, so I don’t feel so guilty.
Moving right along, it is good to be back in Pittsburgh for my second year of business school at CMU. Really, it is! I don’t know why people don’t believe me when I say that. It’s so nice here in the fall/spring. Not so nice during the winter, but then again, I don’t think anywhere in the Northeast is “nice” during the winter.

PNC Park

The three rivers around Pittsburgh are cool. I need to get a picture from Mount Washington overlooking the city. It reminds me of Boston/Cambridge area. Can you see the crews (rowing in the 8-person shells) in the background? They are there somewhere.

Summer internship was great. Was working at a management consulting firm (pick one). It was great to be in NY too, except for the steampipe explosion that happened near our building. The press coverage didn’t do it justice. It was a serious explosion that shattered windows as high as 30 stories and shutdown the neighborhood for several weeks.

NYC Steampipe explosion

The steampipe explosion was definitely “not cool.” I and rest of the people in my building thought the building was falling down because of the strong rumbling. Felt like an earthquake or something, but it was only another day in NYC.

So, two things I miss about NYC alot: good sushi and good korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ

This Korean BBQ (surf and turf: seafood and short ribs) from K-town in Manhattan was excellent at 3am after HBO Latino Film Festival afterparty. Just what the doctor ordered.

Welcome admitted students!

It’s finally Welcome Weekend at Tepper! I remember last year when I visited for Welcome Weekend. I had a great time, meeting many of my soon-to-be classmates and making new friends. Welcome Weekend kicks off with the student-organized International Festival, in which Tepper students showcase our cultural backgrounds through live performances, presentations, and food festival. I am looking forward to the festivities…

Swartz Fellows Reception invites leading Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs & VCs to CMU

On Tuesday evening, the Tepper School of Business held a reception for its Swartz Fellows and their mentors. The James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program provides mentoring, an internship and other business leadership programs to a select number of MBA students in the second year of their studies. The new program was made possible with a gift from Mr. Swartz, a Tepper school alumnus and venture capitalist who co-founded Palo Alto, Calif.-based private equity firm Accel Partners.

In addition to the Swartz Fellows, themselves, others in attendance included regional entrepreneurs, venture capitals, and business leaders such as David Palmer, CEO of ClearCount Medical Solutions; Tony Muscato, Group VP of Heinz NA Foodservice Sales & Marketing; Chris Cynkar, president of the private equity firm Swisshelm Park Investors; Steve Robinson of Robinson Venture Partners; Sean Sebastian, founder and partner of Birchmere Ventures; and Craig Gomulka and Donald H. Jones, Draper Triangle.

Elected Management Game President for next year!

Management Game is a “course is designed to integrate the managerial concepts and techniques studied earlier in the curriculum and to focus on elements of organizational structure and behavior. Student teams assume the role of top management of firms competing in an international economy simulated by the Carnegie Mellon University Management Game. Each team is responsible to a Board of Directors comprised of alumni/ae of the Industrial Management program and business masters students. Emphasis is placed on the development and implementation of sound organizational decision structures as well as the formulation of effective competitive strategies.” (Course description)

I was elected Game president this week! We just had our team member draft, so I now have a team of star performers.  Time to start “storming and norming”… setting up team expectations and roles & resposibilities, etc. It’s going to be fun next year…

First unofficial Tepper Golf Club event

No business school education would be complete without learning how to play golf right? Today was the first unofficial Tepper Golf Club event; the weather was perfect: sunny, 70 degrees, no clouds in the sky. We drove to nearby Murrayville to play 18 holes. It so relaxing… a great way to escape the everyday craziness of b-school. We’re planning a few “official” events: April 20th is the Tepper Alumni Golf outing, and we are seeking a date for the Tepper – Katz joint business school golf event. The club is seeking corporate sponsors, in case someone is interested… 🙂

Golf course

Back at school… six classes this mini?

I’m back at school. Spring break was too short. I’ve signed up for six classes in this last mini (second half of spring semester). I’m thinking I may be overdoing it. Spring is around the corner, I’m going to want to be outside pretty soon. I also have planned, as a personal goal, to learn and play golf this spring. Not sure if six classes will let me do that. In any case, my classes in venture capital/private equity, investment analysis, business planning, pricing (marketing), macroeconomics, and communications all are interesting and hard to drop. Let’s see how I feel by next week after the first round of assignments are due…

Second place in internal Venture Capital Investment Challenge Competition at CMU!

Our team came in second (out of six teams) in Tepper’s internal VCIC competition! We spend the weekend analyzing four different companies and determining which (if any) of the companies to invest in. We had the opportunity to listen to investment pitches and later interview the entrepreneurs and company founders of these real-life startup companies. The judges liked our presentation and financial analysis.
The internal VCIC case competition ranks among my best learning experiences while at Tepper. Prior to the event we attended a VC “bootcamp” organized by Tepper’s VC student club. We learned the VC basics from venture capitalist Bill Trainor (www.accessventures.com), entrepreneurship professors, and business lawyers specializing in early stage funding. It was great to see both sides of the coin: the VC perspective, as well as the entrepreneurial perspective through the eyes of the legal profession. A business lawyer explained the many ways VCs protect themselves against risks in the fine print of a VC contract (aka term sheets). Yes, everything is negotiable. 🙂