2009 Net Impact Conference – Can Biofuels Deliver?

Bio-based fuel sources have become interesting local and regional investments, but how viable are biofuels as a long-term energy source? This panel will cover established biofuel sources like ethanol and biodiesel as well as emerging feedstocks like woody biomass, cellulose, and algae-based fuel systems. Panelists will share their experiences in biofuel technology, as well as their forecasts for the future market size, scaleability and challenges facing biofuel development and growth.

Dr. Larry P. Walker, Professor, Cornell University

Doug Cameron, Chief Science Advisor, Piper Jaffray Investment Management
Michael Gilbert, VP Strategy & Business Development, Global Green Solutions
Maro Imirzian, Vice President, Finance, Catchlight Energy LLC
Mark Stowers, Vice President of Science & Technology, POET

2009 Net Impact Conference – (Can Biofuels deliver?).

Key takeaways from the moderated discussion included importance of diversification in energy sources (i.e., justifying the need to continue to research corn and algae-based ethanol production), understanding scale issues (taking an idea from the lab beaker to commercial industrial scale), and how the success of biofuels is as much a supply chain problem as it is a technology (research & development) problem.