Innovation Challenge Results: Placed 24th out of 440 teams (top 5%)

We placed 24th out of 440 teams (top 5%) in this year’s Innovation Challenge! As quoted on their website, “The Innovation Challenge is your chance to create an innovative solution to a real-world challenge faced by our sponsors. Your cross-functional team will research, brainstorm and present a unique concept to a global panel of innovation thought leaders and practitioners.”

Our challenge was to help Whirlpool expand its water products business. The challenge involved product design and conceptualization as well as developing an effective marketing strategy. Our team (Marta, Arash, Erren, Keenan, and myself) had one week (in the midst of regular classwork and exams) to develop and present our idea. The judges praised our innovative solution and they really liked our concept illustrations. Overall, it was a challenging and worthwhile experience.

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