Alternative Wall Street 2 plot ideas from the NYT

The NY Times has some alternative plot lines for the upcoming Wall Street 2 movie from Oliver Stone.  My favorite is the microfinance-related plot – Bud Fox doing microfinance in some tropical paradise, only to have Gordon Gekko swoop in and buy poor villagers’ beachside  huts at pennies on the dollar to demolish them and resell the valuable old forest wood board  at higher prices, all while claiming to be “green” — who would argue against recycling?  Classic.

O.K. Oliver Stone already has a screenplay for “Wall Street 2,” the sequel to his culturally resonant 1987 dissection of financial ruthlessness. He has been busy shooting it in Manhattan. If he has second thoughts about the project, he might consider these alternative plotlines:

  • Greed is still good
  • Bud Fox seeks redemption (the microfinance plot)
  • Going green and loving it

NYTimes Article

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